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Title Created Date Author
Mythicised versions of the (non-)ethnic Other in 20th - and 21st -century visual representations. Analysis of press and pamphlets | 2012 | Written by Demski Dagnosław
Changes in the funeral rite in the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age as an expression of socio-cultural changes in the south-western Poland | 2016 | Written by Gediga Bogusław
Regni custodiam et clavem - Santok i clavis regni Poloniae | 2016 | Written by Hilczer-Kurnatowska Zofia
Preparation and publication of the Atlas of the historical Polish cities | 2016 | Written by Marta Zofia Młynarska-Kaletyn
Poles of the Success - Between Emigration and Transnationality: New Aspect of the Polish Diaspora in Western Europe | 2016 | Written by Posern-Zieliński Aleksander
Coinage of the prince of Poland Bolesław III the Wrymouth | 2016 | Written by Śnieżko Grzegorz
„Paleo-Urban” Studies of northern and western Polish lands in early medieval times in the light of archaeological research | 2016 | Written by Sołtysiak Michał
Constantinople-Kucukcekmece – the Destination Port of the Way from the Varangians to the Greeks, a Centre of “Byzantinization” of the Rus' Community | 2016 | Written by Stanisławski Michał
Vetera et nova. Re-coding and cataloguing archaeological source material using new research methods | 2012 | Written by Sulgostowska Zofia
Textile production in Bronze Age Greece – comparative studies of the Aegean weaving techniques | 2015 | Written by Ulanowska Agata
Lesser Clergy in medieval Silesia. Prosopographical Analysis of Clerics in Nysa 1250 - 1550 | 2016 | Written by Wółkiewicz Ewa
Golden apple Polish archeology | 2016 | Written by Wołoszyn Marcin
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