Visual encounters with Alterity

Project information

Project title: Visual encounters with Alterity

Project No. : 21210049 (grant from the Visegrad Fund)


Project lead:Dr hab. Dagnosław Demski, associate prof. with IAE PAN, Dr Agnes Fulemile, Dr Ildiko Kristof,
Project lead, institutional: IAE PAN

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Project implementation

Instytutions involved:

  • Name of institution: Institute of Ethnology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest; Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague; Institute of Ethnology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava. Responsibilities: project co-organisers, conference organiser, co-editors of post-project publication.

Researchers involved:

  • Forename, surname: Agnes Fulemile
  • Responsibilities: conference organiser
  • Forename, surname: Ildiko Kristof
  • Responsibilities: conference organiser, editor, author of article


Research objective:

The project focuses on problems arising from contact with that which is different and alien, the source base being provided by visual materials (drawings, illustrations, caricatures, photographs). This is an attempt to identify various kinds of representing otherness within particular categories and styles characteristic of the period between the mid-19th and the mid-20th centuries.

Detailed goals of the project:

To hold a conference in Budapest (2012) and publish a book (2013)

Project timetable:

  • 2012 conference in Budapest
  • 2013 book publication


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