Myth, traditions and material reality

szary projekt Myth, traditions and material reality

Project information

Project title: Myth, traditions and material reality. Kruszwica

Project No: 1aH 15 0419 83

Project lead: dr hab. Wojciech Marek Dzieduszycki

Project lead, institutional: Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Project financing: Research financed within the National Humanities Programme, a project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in 2012–2015


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    • phone (22) 620-28-81 do 86
      • Instytute of History UAM
      • Centre for Studies into Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Times, IAE PAS
      • Poznań Archaeological Museum
      • Museum of the Origins of the Polish State in Gniezno
      • Institute of History at the UMCS Lublin
      • In Institute of Archaeology UMK, Torun
      • Faculty of Architecture Wrocław University of Technology
      • National Heritage Board of Poland, Laboratory in Trzebiny
      • Institute of Architecture of Textile Lodz University of Technology
      • Centre for Old-Time Technology Research, IAE PAS


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