Title Created Date Author
Insight into the hunter-gatherer life | 2017 | Written by Iwona Sobkowiak-Tabaka
Topographic map of Galicia (1779–1783) from War Archives in Vienna | 2017 | Written by Janeczek Andrzej
Myth, traditions and material reality | 2016 | Written by Wojciech Marek Dzieduszycki
Continuation of the series "Origines Polonorum" | 2016 | Written by Przemysław Urbańczyk
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum Poland | 2016 | Written by Mariusz Kazimierz Mielczarek
Atlas of early settlements in the area of Polish | 2016 | Written by Sławomir Moździoch
Archeo-database | 2016 | Written by Bogusław Antoni Gediga
Clarification and verification chronology and periodization castles | 2016 | Written by Michał Kara
The estuary of the Oder River in the early Middle Ages | 2016 | Written by Marian Rębkowski
THE PAST SOCIETIES | 2016 | Written by Przemysław Urbańczyk
EPIGONES AND FORERUNNERS - ADAPTATION STRATEGIES OF THE SUBSAHARAN SOCIETIES IN TERMINAL PLEISTOCENE AND EARLY HOLOCENE. Case study of the region of Affad Basin, Southern Dongola Reach, Sudan | 2016 | Written by Osypińska Marta
Man and his environment - natural conditions nad nature of the anthropopressure on the Poland's and Pomeranian's borderland in the Early Middle Ages in the light of geoarchaeological studies of the settlement complex in Santok | 2016 | Written by Zamelska-Monczak Kinga
Social aspects of the spatial-functional structures at the Early Iron Age settlements | 2016 | Written by Gediga Bogusław
Awaiting the rain. Economy, culture, beliefs of Neolithic pastorilas of tudays's Western Desert in Egypt | 2016 | Written by Kobusiewicz Michał
Exploitation and processing of chocolate flint during Paleolithic and Mesolithic in the North-Western part of its deposits based on non-invasive archeological and geophysical research and test-trenches | 2016 | Written by Kerneder-Gubała Katarzyna
The Danubian route of the Yamnaya culture | 2016 | Written by Włodarczak Piotr
A new perspective on prehistoric societies of the Early and Middle Holocene in Central Sudan in the view of interdisciplinary research studies | 2016 | Written by Jórdeczka Maciej
Early medieval castles in the settlement basins middle Odra to the eleventh century in archaeological studies | 2016 | Written by Gruszka Bartłomiej
Rise or fall? Societies of Kujawy from Late Neolithic to Middle Bronze Age in the light of archaeological and specialised analyses | 2016 | Written by Pospieszny Łukasz
Self-perception of refugee women in Poland in the context of stereotypes and traditional gender roles and their impact on the identity and cultural adaptation | 2016 | Written by Kość-Ryżko Katarzyna
The oldest phase of the Linear Pottery Culture in the Lesser Poland (5600/5500-5300 BC) - Genesis, dating, settlement, economy | 2016 | Written by Czekaj-Zastawny Agnieszka
Reconstruction of earlymedieval economy on the basis of fitocenoses' development and plant biodiversity - Radom case study | 2016 | Written by Skrzyński Grzegorz
The northern part of the ducal residential complex on the Cathedral Hill in Chełm | 2016 | Written by Buko Andrzej
The Megaliths of Nabta Playa, South Western Desert of Egypt | 2016 | Written by Schild Romuald
Ruś early medieval - in the circle of funeral issues and eschatology | 2016 | Written by Kollinger Karol
An amber spacer bead and glass beads discovered at Lusatian culture features in Targowisko | 2016 | Written by Tomasz Purowski
Weklice, site 7, Elbląg comm. The cemetery of Roman Period elite in the centre of amber coast | 2015 | Written by Natuniewicz - Sekuła Magdalena
Cultural encounters in landscape research. Pelagonia, Macedonia - case study | 2013 | Written by Bugaj Urszula
Man and the environment: Plants in use by prehistoric communities | 2012 | Written by Lityńska- Zając Maria
Malesija, Montenegro. Cultural landscape research, pilot studies. | 2012 | Written by Bugaj Urszula
Beginnings of agriculture of loess uplands and hills, and anthropogenic changes in the natural environment | 2012 | Written by Lityńska- Zając Maria
Shifting borders in Central-Eastern and Southern-Eastern Europe | 2012 | Written by Demski Dagnosław
Shifting borders in Central-Eastern and Southern-Eastern Europe II | 2012 | Written by Demski Dagnosław
Visual encounters with Alterity | 2012 | Written by Demski Dagnosław
engMobilność garncarzy w Grecji epoki brązu i wczesnej epoki żelaza jako mechanizm rozprzestrzeniania się stylu i technologii w ceramice | 2012 | Written by Lis Bartłomiej
Polish Early Medieval treasures— Inventory | 2012 | Written by Bogucki Mateusz
Mining and use of stone materials in Prehistory and Middle Ages | 2012 | Written by Valde- Nowak Paweł
Park kulturowy Stary Radom | 2011 | Written by Trzeciecki Maciej
Forms of cult, religion and social organisation in Prehistory and the Middle Ages | 2010 | Written by Kadrow Sławomir
They burn themselves in fire when their king or chieftain dies, and they also burn his horses” – archaeological research of Early Medieval kurgan cemetery in Chodlik | 2010 | Written by Miechowicz Łukasz
Man, the environment and the economy: Economic exploitation of Wilczyce micro-region in the Neolithic and Bronze Age | 2010 | Written by Boroń Tomasz
Weklice – a Wielbark Culture cemetery | 2003 | Written by Natuniewicz - Sekuła Magdalena
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