Doctoral studies

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Head of Doctoral Studies Program

Dr hab. Elżbieta MAZUR prof. nadz. PAN

tel.: 22 624 - 01 - 00, wew.14                                      
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Information on the Doctoral Studies Program

The Doctoral Studies Program was activated at the Institute in 1979. Initially its participants were educated in the field of archaeology and the history of material culture. Presently the program encompasses the fields of archaeology and ethnology. Many graduates of our Doctoral Studies Program were successively employed at IAE PAS as well as in other scientific institutions.

Doctoral students are granted the care and attention of the best specialists in the fields mentioned. During the doctoral studies it is possible to apply for grants  "Adulescentia est tempus discendi" to obtain financial support for the scientific research and all tasks included in the doctoral work. This serves the development of young scientists and participants of the Doctoral Studies Program at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology PAS.



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