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Budynek Instytutu Archeologii i Etnologii PAN w latach 60-tych XX w. Zdjęcie ze zbiorów Archiwum IAE PAN, nr inw. 1/Gosp/62-66

Archive  IAE PAS

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Monday through Friday - 9.00 - 15.30

tel.   (+48 22) 620 28 81 ÷ 86 w.197

The building of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology PAS in the 60-ies of the 20th century.
Photo from the Archive of the  IAE PAS, inventory No. 1/Econ/62-666



The Archive was established together with the Institute of the History of Material Culture PAS in 1954. Its activities cover collecting, storing, elaborating, securing and making available the archive materials and non-archive documents.

Archive stocks are materials originating from the activities of the Management of the Research Program  on the Beginnings of the Polish State, as well as the activities of the Institute of the History of Material Culture PAS and the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology PAS.

The Archive of the Institute allows access to the materials, carries out queries relating to them, provides information (also on telephone and via e-mail), makes copies of the possessed archive materials. 

Direct supervision over the activities of the Archive is performed by the Archive of  the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Archives of the New Proceedings.


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