Przegląd Archeologiczny (Archaeological Review) is an annual journal dedicated to general archaeology.
For the first time, a journal with this title was published in 1876 in Lviv, as an organ of the National Archaeological Society.

After a long interval, a journal with the same title started to be published in 1919 in Poznań as an organ of the Archaeological Committee of the Society of Friends of Learning.
A doyen of Polish archaeologists, Józef Kostrzewski, became its editor-in-chief. In the following years, the journal was an organ of The Polish Prehistoric Society, and then of the Polish Archaeological Society, still being edited by Professor Dr. Józef Kostrzewski.
Since 1973, after an interval, it has become an organ of the Institute for History of Material Culture of the Polish Academy of Sciences (at present, by the today's name of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences) and Professor Dr. Tadeusz Wiślański was the editor-in-chief of the journal then.
Since 1989, Professor Dr. Bogusław Gediga has been the journal's editor-in-chief.

The editors of “Przegląd Archeologiczny” strive for publishing in the pages of the journal bigger monographic studies of prehistoric and early medieval archaeology, mainly from European countries, as well as of methodology and history of archaeological research. A lot of space has been also given to peer-reviews, discussions and polemics. Przegląd Archeologiczny (Archaeological Review), as the journal of the Institute, is open for authors from the outside and researchers from various Polish and foreign institutions. The quality of articles has been always guaranteed by peer-review prepared by numerous members of the Editorial Committee and, in every case, by professors-specialists from Universities, from the Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences and from foreign institutions.

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